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Autism Solutions Incorporated is a not-for-profit organisation in Western Australia. We encourage individuals and families touched by the Autism Spectrum to participate in this forum.
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 Suggestions needed

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PostSubject: Suggestions needed   Thu Apr 02, 2009 7:38 am

Hi all

during the holidays, we will be in Perth to see the psych among other things. Problem is, she wants to see hubby and I, but no kids. When we planned this we had a friend available to look after the three older ones (bub will come with us) but since then she has been offered a chance to go on a study tour in USA (and is having a ball). So any suggestions for ways to organise care for a 14, 10 (ASD) and 7 year old. Son is not too difficult, just tends to wander off without thinking of consequences. We are beginning to panic, as none of the grand parents are available for a quick trip to Perth, and we don't have any family there. At this rate, one of us will miss out, which is a pain, as last time I missed out and didn't get all the wonderful hints and tips.

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Suggestions needed
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