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Autism Solutions Incorporated is a not-for-profit organisation in Western Australia. We encourage individuals and families touched by the Autism Spectrum to participate in this forum.
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 Book, "Look Me In The Eye", a memoir.

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PostSubject: Book, "Look Me In The Eye", a memoir.   Sun Jul 12, 2009 2:07 pm

Hi all
I am reading this book now, it's an autobiograpy by John Elder Robison. His brother wrote "Running With Scissors" which I think I may read next. He apparently wrote about his brother's Aspergers and he had so much response about Aspergers he encouraged his brother to write his own story.
I'm finding it interesting and familiar in parts.
Your local library may have it. If anyone would like to borrow my copy after me, let me know. I see no value in books sitting on a shelf to gather dust.
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Book, "Look Me In The Eye", a memoir.
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