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 Fussy vs. Aversive

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PostSubject: Fussy vs. Aversive   Fussy vs. Aversive Icon_minitimeMon Oct 20, 2008 9:32 am

Hi all

We have really interesting (but I am sure, not unique) food issues with our two boys - both on the spectrum.

Courtney, the 12 year old LOVES food!!!!! He would eat just about anything and in any quantity. Probably luckily he has food allergies - he has Coeliac which is a food allergy to Gluten - a protein in wheat, oats, barley and rye. If he eats foods containing it his gut is damaged and his gut then doesn't digest and absorb the food as it should - ie becomes malnourished. He also has anaphylaxis to nuts and tree nuts. So his diet is highly supervised and restricted.

The younger one, Dylan, is very particular and food aversive. He has a small range of foods he eats readily and any new food he avoids as if it's poisonous! He's not "FUSSY" as in my experience "fussy" means the kid wont eat healthy foods or what's served up but WILL eat junk, lollies, fast food etc. This one will gag and even vomit if forced to try even the minutest bit of a new food. Recently he is getting better - I think?? clown as he will put the tiny bit of food in his mouth and quickly wash it down with copious amounts of water. geek Most of the food he eats is brown, cream or white.........but there are foods that colour he wont touch. And he eats carrot and celery readily. He is also pedantic about what cutlery and plate he uses sometimes!

When we go out, not that it's very often - we most often take food with us for the kids as we know they probably will not eat what is served or available - we also are very wary because of what Courtney can not eat. Most places we go like cafe/restaurant etc I will mention when we arrive that they have autism and only eat certain foods or that they have severe food allergies..........have NEVER had a problem with their rules of "no outside food allowed" if we do that.

Our boys only drink water and occasionally we let Courtney have ginger beer as a treat (he would drink other cool drink if we let him).

Have any of your kids been food aversive - what strategies did/do you use?

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Fussy vs. Aversive
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