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 teaching how to drive

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PostSubject: teaching how to drive   Wed Nov 26, 2008 12:55 pm

Well my guy has turned 16 and joy of joys he wants to learn to drive.

So I have to work out how to teach him.

The following guy has written a manual for teaching the practical skills of driving and if your kids like mine learn best from their eyes then it might be worth considering. He sent it to me on a disk so we can use the computer or print it out. We are doign both at hte moment

My ds and I did the first lesson today which is just getting familiar with the cab and all the things in it.

It looks good.

In case any of you are interested you can contact the writer at

his name is Peter Moore

he was happy to send me a few pages so I could see if it would be useful for us.
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teaching how to drive
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