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 A Mother's Plea by Judith Costello 2000

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PostSubject: A Mother's Plea by Judith Costello 2000   Tue Dec 16, 2008 6:59 pm

A Mother's Plea

by Judith Costello 2000
Please feel free to pass this on to all the people who may care for your child/ren.

When you meet my son, don't judge him. Love him.
When you meet my child, don't try to correct his behaviour. Remember that he may be "acting out" for your benefit. Children test everyone they encounter.
Will you be harsh with this child you do not even know? Even I, who shared my body with this child for nine months, cannot claim to KNOW him. I do not even claim to fully know myself. Please suspend your judgements of both of us.
When you meet my child, the greatest gift you can give him is to get down on the floor and play at his level. Let him lead you around by the hand.
Let him be in charge for awhile. At first he will be full of energy and will want to jump on you and wrestle mildly. You may not like that. But if you truly enter his world he will show you the wonders of the universe.
He will take you out to look for bugs. Have you ever held a horny toad lizard?
Have you ever really taken the time to smell wild sage? When was the last time you jumped from stone to stone laughing at how well you can do it? He will analyse the mud and show you how the apparently solid chunks will break up into dust in his hands. And if you listen carefully, if you fully enter his world, he will tell you about yourself.
When you meet my child, please remember that he is a spiritual being.
When you are impatient, when you are judgmental, you wound his very soul. Please refrain from doing that!
When you meet my child, read him a book as if it was the most exciting thing you ever read. It is to him.
When you meet my child, tell him a story from your life. Include lots of cars because that is what he likes.
When you meet my child, remember that you were once a child just like him. You wanted to be listened to. You wanted respect. Give these gifts to the child before you and you will also nurture your inner child.
When you meet my child, love him please. He will give you incredible love in return.
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A Mother's Plea by Judith Costello 2000
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