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 Schools Plus - support for your child and his/her teacher in school.

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PostSubject: Schools Plus - support for your child and his/her teacher in school.   Sat Dec 27, 2008 1:42 pm

The Department of Education and Training has developed Schools Plus, which is a model of informed practice to match the educational needs of students to supplementary resourcing for schools.
Schools Plus makes explicit links between teaching and learning adjustments, services and support, professional learning and supplementary resourcing to schools.
Schools Plus provides direct supplementary resources to schools that have eligible students.
The Schools Plus process allows schools to plan, implement and review appropriate educational programs which may include:
teaching adjustments;
deployment of non teaching personnel;
professional learning provision;
appropriate services and supports;
transition planning; and
links to other programs.

Support is provided through the provision of additional teacher time and education assistant time according to the level of planned adjustments verified on the Schools Plus Profile. Specialist support via State-wide Services or from District Education Offices is provided in addition to Schools Plus.
Providing information in a transparent way allows teachers, school administrators and parents/carers to reach agreement on the summary of educational needs.
Using the Schools Plus materials in a staged approach enables schools to gather evidence on the level of educational need, determine the level of adjustments required within the local context and decide whether to request additional assistance for the school.
The school will determine how resources are to be used to implement the teaching and learning adjustments that were identified in the Schools Plus Profile. A school may deliver a wide range of adjustments or measures they consider appropriate to achieve the best possible outcomes for each student.
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Schools Plus - support for your child and his/her teacher in school.
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