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Autism Solutions Incorporated is a not-for-profit organisation in Western Australia. We encourage individuals and families touched by the Autism Spectrum to participate in this forum.
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 Abbreviations and Emoticons

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PostSubject: Abbreviations and Emoticons   Thu Sep 25, 2008 9:21 am

LOL - Laugh out Loud
NT - Neuro-typical ie "normal"
DH, DS, DD - Dear Husband, Son, Daughter
AuS - Autism Solutions Incorporated
ASD - Autism Spectrum Disorder
Aspie - Someone who has Asperger's Syndrome - some debate as to who is "allowed" to use the term Aspie.
Autie - Someone who has Autism - some debate as to who is "allowed" to use the term Autie.
PDD-NOS Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not otherwise Specified, a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum
dx - diagnosis, diagnosed
DSC - Disability Services Commission
LAC - Local Area Coordinator from Disability Services Commission
FYI - For Your Information
ABA - Applied Behaviour Analysis - a therapy for individuals with Autism
OT - Occupational Therapy - OR Off-Topic
EI - Early Intervention Therapy

Please add more.
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Abbreviations and Emoticons
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