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 School Holidays

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PostSubject: School Holidays   Sun Mar 15, 2009 9:52 am

Hi everyone

Well, I can't believe School Holidays are only 4 weeks away and this obvioulsy means it's time to start thinking of what we will be doing.

What do you do on school holidays with your kids?

Our older boy (who's nearly 13yrs) did a holiday program 2 days a week for the last three weeks of the Christmas Holidays - with Explore Traveller specifically for individuals with an intellectual disability. I was terrified as we had never had him in a holiday program ever before and he enjoyed it too. It worked out terrific. , through the Home Care Service (There is also their Sitter Service and Respite Accomodation)

And we also had a carer from ACTIV Foundation came in to the home. this time I sent her off with our younger boy (who's 9) and they had a terrific time doing a few different things like catching the train to the museum, activities offered by the shopping centre, library, icecream treats, played at home while I went out, etc.

So all in all it was a nice relaxed, activity filled school holidays.
Bye for now
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School Holidays
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